The last thing you want on a hot, muggy day is an air conditioner malfunction. It makes sense that when this occurs, your first thought would be to contact a professional air conditioning repair company. Usually, you can’t fix major problems with your air conditioning machine alone. Fortunately, with the correct troubleshooting techniques, the more common AC issues are easily remedied. Fixing these problems can help you save money. Let’s look at the many kinds of AC units before getting into the list of recommendations.

Although there are many varieties of air conditioning systems, split and packaged units are the most widely used varieties. Split units are divided into two sections. The evaporator coils are situated inside your home, but the condenser is located outside.

Packaged units, on the other hand, get their name from the fact that the condenser and the evaporator are housed in one unit. Both types can be troubleshooted using the techniques described below. Now that you have that out of the way, let me share some simple and quick do-it-yourself advice for diagnosing and fixing small AC problems.

DIY Air Conditioner Repair Tips

If your air conditioner needs to be repaired, isn’t operating at all, or is only blowing less than cool air, you can try the following fixes:

Check Your Breaker

If the unit won’t turn on at all, it’s possible that your breaker tripped. Frequently, if multiple appliances, lights, and other items are connected to the same breaker, it will trip and the air conditioner won’t work. You can avoid wasting money, becoming frustrated, or even feeling embarrassed by doing this brief check.

Check The Thermostat

When rushing or having a hectic day, it’s easy to ignore this seemingly straightforward approach. Verify that the thermostat or AC remote is operating at a temperature lower than the surrounding space and that the batteries are functioning.

Change Your Filter

Regular filter changes might help you avoid a lot of air conditioner troubles. A dirty or clogged filter can lead to some problems for your device. Insufficient airflow might lead to a decrease in the system’s cooling effectiveness. Sometimes your system may ice up due to a clogged filter. It is important to regularly inspect and replace filters.

Melt Any Ice

When your AC unit is too big for the room or during a colder period, ice can occasionally accumulate on it. All you have to do is let the fan run on its own or turn off the air conditioning for a short while, and the ice will automatically melt.

Clean The Whole AC Unit.

Your air conditioner may only require a thorough cleaning rather than repair. Maintaining the optimal functioning of your unit is greatly aided by doing this. For split types, start by turning off the unit, cleaning the fan blades, and clearing the exterior unit of any debris. Remember to gently clean the condenser fins, taking care not to harm the fins or blades.

Cleaning packaged units are much more difficult since they need to be taken out of the wall mount. Allowing a licenced air conditioning service expert to handle this is preferable. By taking out the front panel and sweeping the dust, you can perform some light cleaning.

You might be able to resolve your frequent AC problems by following these procedures instead of having to contact a professional air conditioning repair service. However, don’t be afraid to contact a reputable air conditioning repair firm if you lack the time to do it yourself or if you have attempted the troubleshooting and repair methods in this article and your AC still won’t work.Home Relocation Services Directory

Give It a Good Cleaning

The system may frequently merely be unclean. It might only require cleaning rather than an actual air conditioner repair. You can carefully clean the fan blades on the external unit and clear any debris that may have accumulated within or around it. Cleaning the condenser fins is another option. When playing with blades and fins, exercise extreme caution since they are brittle and easily bent. When cleaning the device, ensure sure it is off as well.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Your circuit breaker may occasionally trip due to your air conditioner. Make sure your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped by checking, and if it has, reset it. To help determine the problem, try turning on the AC. If it still trips the breaker, you should consult a technician.


Although the aforementioned upkeep and repairs don’t call for specialised training, it’s vital to remember that doing repairs on your own could put your safety and the health of the AC unit at risk. An expert repair technician has the knowledge and resources necessary to identify and fix any problems with your air conditioning system. Additionally, they may offer preventative maintenance to keep your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency and extend its lifespan.

For the long-term health of your air conditioner, it is ultimately safer and more dependable to hire a professional expert for AC repair. Get in touch with Easy Breezy AC right now if you’re in the Safety Harbour region and eager to collaborate with a reputable, industry-leading HVAC firm. As the most reputable AC installation, repair, and maintenance company in Florida, we currently serve about 4,000 residential and commercial clients.